WSOP 2023: Giuseppe Calio wins Best Argentine in Event 26

WSOP 2023: Giuseppe Calio is the No. 1 Argentinian...

Giuseppe Calio is the furthest Argentine in Event #26 of the WSOP 2023, with seven Argentine representatives in the cash position.

Event #26 was a No Limit Hold’em deepstack event with 4,747 entries worth $800 and a prize pool of $3,341,888 (USD equivalent) . The top 711 players cashed out their winnings.

These are the Argentines who cashed in:

— CHECK CHECK CHECK (@grupocheckcheckcheck) June 12, 2023

The best Latino was Adrián Troya 🇵🇦, who finished 11th and won $30,253.

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WSOP 2023: Giuseppe Calio is the No. 1 Argentinian...

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  • This text provides an update on the progress of Argentine players in the WSOP 2023, highlighting Giuseppe Calio as the furthest Argentine in Event #26. It also mentions the achievements of other Latino players and provides a list of Argentines who cashed in different events.

  • This text provides a summary of the performance of Argentine and Latin American players in various events at the WSOP 2023, highlighting notable finishes and cash prizes. It showcases the diversity and success of players from these regions in the world of professional poker.

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