[Video] Checo Perez sits at the new line of poker tables

The relationship between Formula 1 and poker continues to grow, and now a new Youtube series has begun, starring Sergio Checo Pérez and WSOP Main Event champion Posted by Hossein Ensan as the protagonist.

Recently, the PokerStars and Red Bull Racing teams renewed a partnership that began in 2022 and now aims to Enthusiasts of both disciplines create new content.

Sergio Perez at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

Under the name Between the Lines, the new series aims to tell the commonality between poker and Formula 1 through different professionals.

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“This series underscores the importance of strategy in motorsports and poker

strong>. A press release issued this week said, “It will give fans of the racing and mapping community a glimpse into the thought process and critical real-time decisions that make you the best you can be.

Season 1, which will consist of four episodes, has already aired. In it, Checo Perez talks about his experience in last season’s Monte Carlo Grand Prixsuccess.

On the other hand Ensan’s In the 2019 WSOP Main Event Performance strong> will also be featured. All accompanied by footage of incredible circuit and table action. Also see other players such as Lex Veldhuis. strong>Watch the full episode here.

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