The perfect strategy for your chance at the WSOP Main Event

Attending a festival like WSOP 2023 may mean sacrificing the budget for more than one person, but there are ways to help make it happen and ease the inconvenience.

Bankroll management is critical to any professional’s career, unless you are a high risk shark sign up for the $10,000 Main Event vs. proper management though Here’s the tournament you should try to play, even if you’re “out of the bank”.

For some, it’s money growing from the ground up.

The Barbell Strategy can give you the “opportunity” to find the most valuable bracelets. Developed by former Wall Street trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the strategy focuses on extreme diversification as a key risk management tool. That’s what Barry Carter explains in his latest column.

Translated into World of Poker, co-author of The Mind Game of Poker, suggests that 10% of the total bankroll could be used for such events, and if that’s not enough, look for Stock Sales option. Also keep in mind that if using this method, you should spend the rest of the year playing in more moderate and less varied tournaments to minimize risk.

“The wrong way to try at a big event is to keep going until your finances are bad enough to hurt you. p>

Another On the other hand, for players who identify with this strategy and use it

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