The opening of Club Win is celebrated with a huge celebration in City Center Iguaz.

City Center Iguaz has entered the annals of history with its first year. During the “birthday celebration” of the biggest casino on the three borders, revelers could sip drinks while watching a Madero Tango act and listening to a violinist play. The “Main Event” of the evening was the opening of the club, which will include fun and games every day of the year.

Marketing Manager Gisela Ilcobich and General Director Horacio Bilbao gave a presentation on the benefits package. Club Win is a loyalty program that rewards slot machine players with a card that can be redeemed for cash or other casino goods.

On April 1st, you may sign up for free as a member. In order to acquire your individual, nontransferable membership card, you must fill out an application and submit it at the main door.

Get experience and level up your account! (Classic, Premium, Exclusive, and VIP). Are you curious? For inquiries and bookings, dial +54 9 3757-407492 or +54 9 3757-676630 to reach City Center Iguaz. And, don’t miss a beat by following us on Instagram or Facebook.


RN12 KM 1640, nº 3370

Argentina; Misiones Province; Puerto Iguaz

Phone: +54 3757 67-6630

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  • Valentina.bode

    This text provides information about the anniversary celebration of City Center Iguaz, highlighting the various activities and benefits offered by the casino. It also mentions the loyalty program, Club Win, which rewards slot machine players with redeemable cards. Overall, it promotes the casino and encourages interested individuals to inquire and book via phone or social media.

  • Zulauf.kaitlyn

    This text provides an overview of the first-year celebrations of City Center Iguaz, the biggest casino on the three borders. It highlights the opening of the club and the launch of the loyalty program, Club Win, which rewards slot machine players. It also provides contact information and encourages people to follow them on social media for updates.

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