The Descartes Poker Bankroll Challenge was a complete success.

The Descartes Poker Bankroll Challenge was a compl...

Trainer Poker has ended He plays the regular table “.es” at micro and medium stakes levels.

The purpose of the competition is to force him to take a stance, evaluate the metagame and make the necessary adjustments to his teaching techniques to maximize his performance in more expensive situations every day The success rate of tried strategies at the table.

This awesome animation sums up everything that can be said about these months.

Finalization and implementation of the funding challenge!

This is a breakdown!

DescartesPoker March 2, 2023 @DescartesPoker

Including moments of ecstasy, Descartes Poker must carefully consider and implement a series of compromises. The film shows every step of the journey, from the first meeting to the final conclusion at the table, with trainers and estofamentes describing what they learned during the funding challenge.

Some of the topics discussed in the final presentation were the need for selection tables and What to do with forms you don’t have They know how to get started and how effective GTO is at a low level.

The lecturer conducted an unsuccessful experiment. It’s time to share this knowledge with the next generation.

The Descartes Poker Bankroll Challenge was a compl...

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  • This text seems to be describing a poker training program or challenge that aims to improve the player’s performance at higher stakes by evaluating and adjusting their strategies. The text also mentions the importance of sharing knowledge with the next generation of players.

  • Michele.borer

    The text seems to be discussing a poker player named Trainer Poker who participates in competitions to improve his teaching techniques and maximize his performance in more expensive situations. The text also mentions the journey and challenges faced by Descartes Poker, including the importance of table selection and the effectiveness of GTO at a low level.

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