The Brazilian team is represented at the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event thanks to Fábio Wagner.

On Tuesday, February 28th, Brazilians will be vying for championships left and right. Fábio Wagner is the only player that can take the gold ring home from GGPoker in the WSOP Spring Circuit Online Finals. With a chip count of 136,805,727, he is second only to American superstar Nicholas Maimone (224,163,058), who has won almost $8.3 million in tournaments on the site.

Just Fábio, a Brazilian, finished in the top 50 in the competition. After a very profitable stretch of the season, Bruno Jardim finished in 52nd place, earning him $12,360. The Belo Horizonte player open shoved for 5 bbs as he bowed out with KJ. After “shadowknight” made a call, “Loris51” raised to a huge pot and eventually won. “shadowknight” deliberated for a long time before settling the bill with extra chips and a 9. After completing on board 52242, “Loris51” won 32 bbs with AQ.

Fabio’s retreat started at the same point. He quadrupled his money in another preflop all-in with JJ against “WOW WOJO1010. “‘s

Once the Paulista got near to the top brass, it never looked back. He made an instantaneous open push with KK against “Arkie,” who was dominated by K8. Fabio was not blindsided by the QJ6108 board and picked up another knockout.

Fábio was still unable to approach Maimone, even in this time of triumph. After sending “Leibox” home on the FT bubble, the pro widened his advantage. CL checked his cards and found J2 before calling the Israeli’s 3-bet, 5-bbs push. While “Leibox” had 99, it lost to a better hand of 8332J.

The final table gets underway at 3 p.m. (Braslia time), with 1,000,000/2,000,000 blinds and 250,000 antes. Check the number of chips:

224,163,058 1 Nicholas Maimone (USA)

Two, Brazil’s Fabio Wagner, who earned $136,805,727

Three: 104,545,835 for LoveOu in Macau

Dutch for “kersepit”: 62,314,978

Number Five: Diego “Ushuaia1” Zeiter (Argentina), 56,081,744

“Puuudel” (Austria) #6 with 55,327,454 views

Seventh, 37,748,363: Brian Green (USA).

Eighth “GeM7” (Poland) 29,464,142

Number nine: Poland’s “Nikki beagle” (22,149,564

Potential Payouts:

1. $563.282

2. $416.686

3. $308.380

4. $228.233

5. $168.922

6. $125.031

7. $92.551

8. $68.515

9. $50.728

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