Sunday was a fantastic day for alvarsc and el javita in the PokerStars multi-table tournaments.

Regular tournaments were the protagonists of Sunday at PokerStars.

The room of the red spade organized 13 tournaments with jackpots of more than €10,000 and €444k in prizes. Two of them ended with Spanish victories.

alvarsc won the €100 Sunday Bounty for a prize of €6,688.67.

And javita won the €250 Sunday High Roller for a payout of €10,407.25.

Counting these two big wins, La Roja had a total of 21 victories yesterday. These were the Spanish winners:

“Porkerizarra” (PKO €10 Turbo).

“Reptile Eye” (PKO 10€ Turbo).

“manolodgr” (PKO 20€ 6-Max).

“byrodrix” (SuperStack 5€).

“First_307” (PKO 10€ Turbo).

“davidanda” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).

“Aloher” (Colossal €30).

“Pithrill” (Sunday Starter €10).

“amandis_poker” (Bounty Builder €5).

“alvarsc” (Sunday Bounty €100 6-Max).

“espi5169” (Bounty Builder €5).

“vicier” (SuperStack 3€).

“BadiM_HeRo” (Sunday Omaha €20 6-Max).

“el javita” (Sunday High Roller PKO €250).

“Chalton 5” (The Mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).

“rubeneljefe” (Bounty Builder €50).

“Franer105” (PKO 1€ 6-Max).

“juanlusiete” (Zoom PKO 30€).* “juanlusiete” (Zoom PKO 30€).

“27locodice” (SuperStack Turbo 20€).

“rober611” (SuperStack Turbo 10€).* “rober611” (SuperStack Turbo 10€).

“sweetbojo” (£0.50 NLHE).

The Spaniards won 5 doubles (marked in the list with an asterisk) and the balance in the HU was balanced for our team: 16 wins vs. 15 second places.

These are the results of the regular Sunday tournaments with 5-figure jackpots:

noname2000 (Sunday Mini 5€. Prize: 1.590,02€. Field: 2,764. Prize pool: €12,438. Country: France).

hugofmartins (Sunday PKO £20. Prize pool: $3,549.16. Field: 1,788. Prize pool: €32,184. Country: Portugal).

alvarsc (Sunday Bounty £100. Prize: €6,688.67. Field: 522. Field: 522. Prize pool: €46,980. Country: Spain).

MikiDave01 (Bigger €50. Prize pool: €3,817.25. Field: 502. Prize pool: €22,590. Country: Hungary).

relish18 (Mini Thunder £10. Prize pool: €3,145.72. Field: 4,170. Prize pool: €35,000. Country: Hungary).

Poulpy38 (Thunder 50. Prize pool: €6,398.18. Field: €1,097. Field: 1,097. Prize pool: €49,365. Country: France).

Tvasquinho91 (The Classic 10€ PKO. Prize pool: £5,925.45. Field: 7,981. Prize pool: €71,829. Country: Portugal).

easyguy370 (Sunday Slam €30. Prize pool: €5,275.26. Field: 2,221. Prize pool: €60,000. Country: France).

A.Wenss (BB £20. Prize: £2,017.06. Field: 713. Prize pool: £12,834. Country: Ukraine).

KMCnikpoev (Big Bang 50€. Prize: €3,536.13. Field: €585. Field: 585. Prize pool: €26,325. Country: Kazakhstan).

24730999 (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €2,043.22. Prize pool: €2,518. Field: 2,518. Prize pool: €22,662. Country: Belarus).

el javita (Sunday High Roller €250. Prize money: €10,407.25. Field: 182. Prize pool: €42,315. Country: Spain).

Stak_oNee (Ultra KO €20. Prize: €1.853,41. Field: 572. Prize pool: €10,296. Country: Montenegro).

Today the regular tournaments will once again be the main focus of attention on PokerStars. VGL, Spaniards!

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  • This text provides a summary of the tournaments held on Sunday at PokerStars, highlighting the Spanish winners and the significant prize amounts. It also mentions the balanced performance of the Spanish team in heads-up matches and lists the results of the regular Sunday tournaments with five-figure jackpots.

  • This text provides a recap of the PokerStars tournaments that took place on Sunday, highlighting the victories of Spanish players and the prize amounts. It also mentions the results of other regular tournaments with significant jackpots. However, it does not provide any personal opinion or analysis.

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