Spanish Super Monday Night royale230 at PokerStars All-Stars

Monday is a busy day for PokerStars. In addition to the regular daily tournaments, Day 2 of the Sunday Special was played, with Mexican “nipa3p3” winning.

The Red Spade Room organized seven five-figure jackpot tournaments worth €160,000. Two of the MTTs ended with Victories for Spain.

roale230” won the super race for the best Hispanic victory of the day MondayNight of the Stars 100€ and a prize of 4,280.75€ to take home. The tournament had 199 entries and a prize pool of €17,910.

agapitoperez” won €50 and received payouts starting from €2,119.60. The event had 259 entries and a prize pool of €11,655.

With these two victories, La Roja has a total of 22 victories in yesterday’s MTT race. These are Sunday’s Spanish winners:

Espanyol won 8doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list), assets in HU Balance sheet is bad for our team: 14 wins15 second place.

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  • This text appears to be a recap of PokerStars’ activities on Monday, particularly highlighting the successes of Mexican and Spanish players in the tournaments. It also mentions the overall performance of the Spanish team, highlighting their 22 victories in the previous day’s MTT race.

  • Theodora.effertz

    This text provides a brief overview of the busy day at PokerStars, mentioning the tournaments and winners. It also highlights the success of Spain in the MTT race, with a total of 22 victories, but mentions that the balance sheet is not favorable due to 15 second-place finishes.

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