Poker pro Andrew Robl has admitted to winning a $9 million pot from Tom Dwan.

Jean-Robert Bellande’s discussion of a landmark hand made by Andrew Robs, another player at the High Stakes Poker table, overshadowed the on-screen action.

Robl won $9 million from “durrrr” Tom Dwan, another cash gaming sensation from his own country, in 2015 on the felts of the Aria casino.

After going all in before the flip, the two players opted to strike the board twice. Robl was ahead with A-K versus K-K, but his opponents struck aces and a flush on the flip both times, giving Robl the upper hand.

“That was the largest pot I’ve ever won in ring games,” the American stated.

Bellande claims that Dwan behaved as if he had just lost $300.

The decision astounded everyone. Jennifer Tilly, an actress, wondered whether the money was in Hong Kong dollars, and millionaire Stanley Tang stated that, to his knowledge, such pots were only played in Macau.

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