Phil Ivey was recently appointed to the role of World Poker Tour Ambassador.

WPT hopes that this year, which marks their 20th anniversary, will be one that everyone will remember fondly. One of the aspects of this “effort” is the recruitment of a significant member to the brand team. In November, it was revealed that a deal had been signed with Phil Ivey, who is considered to be one of the most legendary players from the early days of online poker. You can find out all you need to know about this event by reading our post.

Фил Айви стал амбассадором World Poker Tour

Another well-known player on the squad

The World Poker Tour is continuing to have a “shocking” amount of fun as it approaches and celebrates its 20th birthday. Adam Pliskey is leading the charge. Another renowned player has joined the brand’s roster, and the news of this newest acquisition was only just made public. Doyle Brunson, who is 88 years old, was somehow convinced to sign with the company.

On November 9, 2022, it was formally announced that Phil Ivey had taken over as World Poker Tour Ambassador. The announcement came about a month after Ivey had already assumed the role.

In addition to these two well-known poker players, the 2022 squad also features DJ Steve Aoki, poker vloggers Brad Owen, Andrew Nim, and Jaman Burton, and poker player Jaman Burton.

The WPT World Championship Series, which begins in December and has a record guarantee of more than $22,000,000, will be the first time that everyone will be able to watch Ivey in his new capacity. In a tweet, the athlete expressed his “impatience to grab this opportunity:


The World Poker Tour, sometimes known as Tiger Woods of Poker

It has been common knowledge for a considerable amount of time that Phil Ivey and the World Poker Tour have a unique connection to one another. And we’re not talking about the player’s fifth-place finish in this player’s career, which earned him $1,596,100 in the Championship Event of this series in 2008.

It was a few years ago that the American poker brand and the poker brand moved their focus to the Asian gaming industry, and that’s when everything came to pass. Phil mostly engaged in high-stakes closed-cash games with local businesses and introduced 6+ Hold’em to the rest of the globe at the time when the WPT was beginning to organize series in Korea, Japan, and even China.

Their direct collaboration began in 2021, when Phil and 30 other well-known poker players participated in the WPT Heads Up Championship that was based on the PokerKing poker app (not to be confused with the WPN poker room that has the same name). In the subsequent duel for first place, the American ended up falling to Patrick Antonius.

Come back to playing poker online.

A great number of people are aware of the fact that Phil, in addition to taking part in well-known poker programs in the United States and live tournaments, was a frequent player in high-stakes FTP games up to Black Friday. After that, however, he “forgot” about playing poker online.

But in the year 2022, Ivey basically became one of the primary faces of the new WPT Global room. This room was established on the same network as the Asian app, but it welcomes players from a wide variety of nations all over the globe.

This year’s Americans are:

Has consented to the addition of his likeness to one of 15 unique NFT Poker Heroes Celebrity avatars.

appeared in a comedic ad playing the role of a room service employee. In point of fact, advertising the competition series.

He took part in the tournament under his own name, which was worth $10,000.

In addition, players were given the assurance that, in the not too distant future, it will be able to participate in bigger tournaments that include the involvement of a variety of poker celebrities as well as closed cash games with entrance that may be won.

I am curious as to what Phil is going to do with the Virtue Poker Room, which has for a long time used his photo on the website and in the client, but which, over the last six months, seems to have “slowed down” and has not held any promotions or updated its software during this period.

After all of this, the popularity of WPT Global in the near future should only continue to rise after receiving such PR. Players from Georgia and Kazakhstan are welcome to join in the action in the region once known as the Soviet Union.



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