Nacho Barbero makes FT for third straight day at U.S. Poker Open

You have to defeat Nacho Barbero of Argentina if you want to win the U.S. Poker Open. His confirmation of his participation in the final of Event 3: $10,000 NL Hold ’em comes only hours after he lost a heads-up match in Event 2: $10,000 NL Hold ’em. The Americas Cardroom Team Pro is in sixth position with 17 bbs, out of the remaining six players in the tournament.

Earlier this month, Nacho traveled to Sin City to participate in the PGT PLO Series. With a $10,000 buy-in for Event 3, he eliminated 129 competitors and took home $234,000. You can’t stop Nacho’s year” and “playing for ICM is for poor people” are just two of the “lines” the South American used throughout the competition that have become his catchphrases.

Even more amazing has been Nacho’s performance at the U.S. Poker Open. He finished in the top five and won $75,750 in Event 1: $10,000 NL Hold ’em. As a parting gesture, he 5-bet shoved all-in for more than 50 bbs holding KJ. Throughout the action, Justin Young instacalled and displayed AK to pull the pot.

The following day, Nacho forgot about his shady play and advanced all the way to heads-up competition. Again, he went all-in preflop and showed K7 against Ren Lin’s A5. The Chinese guy earned $231,000 with his winning hand of 5239A. In return, Nacho deposited an additional $168,000.

On Monday, February 27 at 4 pm (Braslia), the final round of Event 3 will begin. Verify the number of chips:

Seat 1: $1,540,000, won by American Daniel Colpoys

Second Place: 405,000 Canadian’s Kristen Foxen

Argentinean Nacho Barbero (Seat 3): 860,000

Chris Brewer (USA) 2,150,000th in Seat 4

Brandon Wilson (USA) 4,510,000 Seat 5

Sam Soverel (USA) for 2,250,000 in Seat 6.

Ante is 10,000 and Blinds are 25,000.

The Stakes Are High

1. 213,900 USD

2. 148,800 USD

3. 111,600 USD

4. 93,000 USD

5. 74,400 USD

6. 55,800 USD

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  • Langworth.ali

    This text highlights the achievements and current position of Nacho Barbero in the U.S. Poker Open. Despite facing a loss in a previous match, Nacho’s consistent performance and winnings make him a formidable opponent for anyone wanting to win the tournament.

  • This text provides an overview of Nacho Barbero’s impressive poker performance and his upcoming final round in Event 3 of the U.S. Poker Open. Despite facing tough competition, Nacho has shown resilience and skill in previous events, making him a formidable contender for the top prize. The stakes are high for all players involved, adding even more excitement to the tournament.

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