Kevin Martin tweeted his decision to quit maconha.

Kevin Martin’s stellar 2022 on Twitch was recognized at the World Poker Awards. The American was ecstatic to learn that he had won the “Best Streamer” award, which had been fought by such heavy hitters as Spraggy and Lex Veldhuis. Today, he is rejoicing over a personal victory: the end of his battle with marijuana addiction.

Martin made a personal confession on Twitter, which resonated with many others going through or having gone through a similar experience. “I put an end to my marijuana use. For many years, it helped me regulate my racing thoughts as I pursued an ambitious professional life “ambassador wrote the streamer who represents GGPoker.

“Detox was a terrible experience. My mind was annihilated. After 14 days, I’m finally beginning to feel like myself again. Cheers to having a clear head and really doing things, “He screamed. “Marijuana, booze, casinos, and cigarettes. As long as you don’t overdo it, they are alright. My drug use had gotten out of hand, and it was stifling my potential “Furthermore, he said.

Martin detailed some of the emotions he had over the two weeks after he told his friends and family the news. The streamer claims to have suffered from severe sleeplessness but is more happier and more “in the now” without the medicine. With over 232,000 pageviews, the piece was a big success.

Put down the pot once and for all.

Used it for many years to help quiet a racing mind while I pursued a demanding profession.

The withdrawal symptoms were unbearable throughout detox. My mind was shattered. After being gone for 14 days, I’m finally beginning to feel normal again.

Cheers to having a focused mind and actually doing things!

The 26th of March, 2023 – Kmart (@KevinRobMartin)

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