It’s already WSOP season at the Canadian Cut ft. Daniel Negreanu

It's already WSOP season at the Canadian Cut ft. D...

Like the department store ad department we all know used to try to start spring early and try to sell shirts and shorts in sub-zero temperatures, Daniel Negreanu hinted that he started the World Series of Poker ten days earlier. Negreanu maintains a strict regimen of diet, exercise and movies, all of which go down the drain once games start.

Playing lawn, lifting weights, watching a Rocky movie and watching an hour of TV on the channel are just some of the routines that keep him in top shape and focused mental and physical preparation for the day, Bruce Buffer announced the start of the festival and $25,000 in human resources Ticket distribution. Deep in the whirlwind of the game, he just wants to stick to the rules that give his body and mind all the sleep and energy it needs .

The ultimate goal of going all-in a month and a half before the festival — ” I won’t be playing again or changing my schedule until the WSOP ,” he replied to a follower on Twitter — is a seventh bracelet for his list. One of 88 games on the schedule .

By his standards, of the 115 races that make up the total of the Horseshoes and Paris events and online tournaments, all of them can be played or not, depending on how much progress he has made in previous games, not to mention those he” Under no circumstances ” would play her .

Is it worth throwing the spotlight on a festival so aggressively? Negreanu is a special case. Every year, he is the most vocal player when it comes to his plans for the new edition of the WSOP, his results and everything about the day-to-day running of the series. He’s been recording daily vlogs after each day of the WSOP for years , and his fans have become accustomed to feeling the physical and psychological effects of the Canadian’s self-inflicted marathon in each video. But he won’t change, and the reason he gives is simple. He lives for the holiday.

It's already WSOP season at the Canadian Cut ft. D...

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