Gambling losses of €1 million bring Neymar to tears.

Neymar, heartbroken at a €1 million betting loss, is seen here sobbing.

In a Live broadcast that rapidly went viral, he attempted to convince his thousands of followers of this.

After losing a €1 million bet, Neymar broke down in tears.

The Brazilian soccer player and poker enthusiast Neymar has had a rough time of it recently on his various social media platforms. A hacker broke into his accounts not so long ago, and a video of him sobbing after losing a million euros at a casino went viral a few hours ago.

He “busted” in a few different casino games, despite widespread reports that he had lost “a million playing poker.”

The striker for Paris Saint-Germain makes €36 million year, €3 million monthly, €700,000 weekly, and €100,000 day, which is a market return. Several people were taken aback by his terrible run and curious about how he managed to achieve such seemingly impossible numbers.

Neymar’s loss of 1 million Euros is like me betting 10 Brazilian Reals to win 20, and then losing everything and winning nothing.

To quote DRIBLAGEM (@dribllagem_): March 29, 2023

Nevertheless, the star quickly denied the rumor, and stated that Neymar’s jest regarding the online bookmaker’s marketing effort was just that. A spokesman for Neymar told GE that the player had no involvement in the deal. Even though he didn’t really lose money, he did get a lot of press and spark discussion on the morality of gambling losses.

Poker and Neymar are back together.

Brazilian musician Tierry posted a photo of himself and the player playing poker and looking quite amicable on Instagram a few days ago. Comments from numerous people, including the Brazilian national team’s star and the singer Tays Reis, were thrown into the newspaper.

Take a look at this Instagram post

From tierry’s (@tierry) Twitter feed

Neymar Jr. is one of the best players in the world right now, and he is also a consistent presence in both real-world and virtual football games. His career high prize money of US$125K came from his third-place finish at last year’s Winter Series High Roller. In addition to the WSOP in Las Vegas, he was also present at the European Poker Tour stops in Monte Carlo and Barcelona.


  • This text discusses Neymar’s emotional reaction to a €1 million betting loss and the subsequent discussions on the morality of gambling. It also mentions his involvement in poker and his successful career in both football and poker tournaments.

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