Felipe Ketzer sits at the final table of The Venom at ACR Poker

Felipe Ketzer is a Brazilian player at the $2,650...

Felipe Kaiser may experience the most magical moment of his career this Wednesday. The Rio Grande do Sul star is now one of the biggest names in Brazilian poker and is heading into the final of one of the biggest tournaments of the season. Ketzer hoisted the Brazilian flag at the final table of ACR Poker’s main tournament, The Venom, and will be in contention for a huge prize money.

The pro was one of eight finalists out of 3,522 entrants for the R$ 2,650 prize. and will be competing for more than $1.5 million in prize money. Qualifying with the fourth-best stack in the game with 134,332,812 in chips and around 67 blinds, the Brazilian caused a stir and capped off a great moment.

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The chip leader is a player nicknamed “S3L3NAG0M3ZZ” who has a massive stack of 297,079,582 chips. Jonathan Van Fleet, known as “Apestyles,” could cause trouble for the Brazilian, who will finish second in the game with 256,832,375 chips.

The Venom tournament is scheduled for today at 5:00pm with blinds of 1,000,000 / 2,000,000. The grand prize winner of the tournament will take home a whopping $1,577,970. Eight survivors have been awarded $173,920 so far. Will this be a historic win for the Keizers?

It is worth remembering that Felipe Kaiser reached the Venom final for the second time in his career. For 2021, Ace is also a finalist for one of the versions that happens to be very similarly priced. In that event, Ketzer dropped to eighth place early on with just $130,000 left.

Check Chip Count:

1 – ” S3L3NAG0M3ZZ” – 297.079 .5822 – Jonathan Van Vliet “Apestyles” – 256,832,3753 – “2rich2care” – 155.626.7304 – Felipe Keizer – 134,332,8125 – “mpmiller0906” – 85.118.7686 – “BurnZeByeBell” – 56.136.6567 – Michael Peroni “Young Hoodie” – 39.031.1398 – “Champagne” – 32,441.93

See Prize Pool:

1. – $1,577,9702nd Place – $1,149,2603rd Place – $838,9604th Place – $612,440Fifth Place – $447,0806th Place – $326,3707th Place – $238,2508th Place – $173,920

Felipe Ketzer is a Brazilian player at the $2,650...

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