Compete against your friends in GGPoker’s Prop Bet Bankroll Challenge

Compete against your friends in GGPoker's Prop Bet...

Fun is guaranteed at the GGPoker tables. With its innovative item betting tools, the world’s largest site brings competition between players and friends to the table.

In Last Longer, whoever goes the farthest in the tournament wins the side bet. The recently launched funding challenge will pay off in the long run. In this function, it is possible to set the period of time in which participants must accumulate predetermined funds.

For example, a player decides to bet $10 on an item, set a cap of $100 in 15 days, and bet with two friends not to complete the challenge. In this case, the player chooses the size of the bet, and his opponent can challenge him to a challenge to lose.

If the goal is not met, all funds deposited by the host in the challenge remain with the bettor along with the amount you paid. Now, if he achieves his stated goal, he will receive the money from his competitors along with his own initial deposit.

This is a disrespectful way to get an “x1” from a friend who keeps saying it’s “x1”. He is better than you.

New prop betting options are already in development to provide more challenges that emphasize healthy competition and the fun of poker.

Compete against your friends in GGPoker's Prop Bet...

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