Bryn Kenney appeared on the podcast hosted by Joe Ingram.

The name of American poker player Bryn Kenney has been brought up in conversation rather often over the course of the last year, but not in relation to his recent successes but rather in relation to allegations that he hosted, used hints, and committed other breaches of fair play laws. On the podcast that was released yesterday by Joe Ingram, the player said once more that all of these charges are false.

Брин Кенни на подкасте у Джо Инграма

The most significant problems and concerns

In the summer of 2021, one of Bryn Kenney’s colleagues, Martin Zamani, went public with a variety of claims, the most prominent of which were ghosting and the use of RTA cues. This was the beginning of the controversy that has been following the figure of Bryn Kenney ever since.

These were the two topics that Joe Ingram prioritized the most in his plans for the future of his program, and they filled up the most of the more than 2 hours that we had to talk about them:

Joey Ingram Plan Podcast

The answer to them did not include any unexpected elements:

Bryn Kenney stated that there was not even a grain of truth in what Zamani indicated about utilizing any unfair or deceptive practices in his “stable.”

According to Kenny, the food restrictions, the therapeutic usage of the chemical 5-MeO-DMT, commonly known as “toad poison,” and the mediative procedures involving a shaman were all just suggestions and in no way constituted legally obligatory rules.

Zamani allowed himself to be screamed at by his coworkers, and he claimed to have never been happy. Breen referred to Zamani as “a very troubled man,” and he labeled Zamani himself “a very troubled man.” The poker community is likely to engage in more confrontation about this matter despite the fact that both sides of the debate are certain that they are the only ones who have the moral high ground.

Additional subjects

Aside from that, Ingram had time to question his guest on the following topics:


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