Benjamin Rolle Reveals Impressive Profit at Online Tables

German Benjamin Rolle or “bencb789” has had a solid career at the online tables and is one of the most respected grinders with notable results on the major platforms where poker can be played . Until last Friday (31st), no one knew the pro’s exact victory, but the German finally revealed it.

Benjamin Rolle, who has a habit of making great posts on his Twitter profile, posted his chart: “I shared my total winnings on the sites I play the most and how you can get out of it Benefit,” wrote “bencb789.”

I share my total winnings on the most played sites. I’ll go over my winning system, how we can teach poker in an easier, more exploitative way, and how you can benefit from it.

— bencb (@bencb789) March 31, 2023

These figures are indeed impressive. For example, in the PokerStars SNG tournament, where the pro was an ambassador, he played 84,184 events and netted $450,921. In the sub-$100 multi-table tournament, 5,322 events took place and $283,844 in prize money. Finally, the “bencb789” account had 5,040 games over $100 and a positive balance of $2,050,152.

The sum of these three figures is an impressive $2,784,917 . Benjamin Rolle also has an excellent GGPoker tournament record, having won $1,405,258 in 1,231 starts. Other leaderboards such as 888Poker, Full Tilt and partypoker were also announced, but with modest gains.

“I always thought poker was very complicated. That’s not true. It’s not easy to find a simple system. But once you find a system, it’s very simple. Of course, it’s still a challenge and it’s going to take time, But it’s worth it,” he said in the post.

Benjamin Rolle’s long blog post makes a lot of points and is very motivating for his followers who aspire to a poker career. After all, his total published winnings at the online tables throughout his career is $4,270,853. A true legend!

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