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Felipe Ketzer sits at the final table of The Venom at ACR Poker

Felipe Ketzer is a Brazilian player at the $2,650...

Felipe Kaiser may experience the most magical moment of his career this Wednesday. The Rio Grande do Sul star is now one of the biggest names in Brazilian poker and is heading into the final of one of the biggest tournaments of the season. Ketzer hoisted the Brazilian flag at the final table of ACR Poker’s main tournament, The Venom, and will be in contention for a huge prize money.

The pro was one of eight finalists out of 3,522 entrants for the R$ 2,650 prize. and will be competing for more than $1.5 million in prize money. Qualifying with the fourth-best stack in the game with 134,332,812 in chips and around 67 blinds, the Brazilian caused a stir and capped off a great moment.

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The chip leader is a player nicknamed “S3L3NAG0M3ZZ” who has a massive stack of 297,079,582 chips. Jonathan Van Fleet, known as “Apestyles,” could cause trouble for the Brazilian, who will finish second in the game with 256,832,375 chips.

The Venom tournament is scheduled for today at 5:00pm with blinds of 1,000,000 / 2,000,000. The grand prize winner of the tournament will take home a whopping $1,577,970. Eight survivors have been awarded $173,920 so far. Will this be a historic win for the Keizers?

It is worth remembering that Felipe Kaiser reached the Venom final for the second time in his career. For 2021, Ace is also a finalist for one of the versions that happens to be very similarly priced. In that event, Ketzer dropped to eighth place early on with just $130,000 left.

Check Chip Count:

1 – ” S3L3NAG0M3ZZ” – 297.079 .5822 – Jonathan Van Vliet “Apestyles” – 256,832,3753 – “2rich2care” – 155.626.7304 – Felipe Keizer – 134,332,8125 – “mpmiller0906” – 85.118.7686 – “BurnZeByeBell” – 56.136.6567 – Michael Peroni “Young Hoodie” – 39.031.1398 – “Champagne” – 32,441.93

See Prize Pool:

1. – $1,577,9702nd Place – $1,149,2603rd Place – $838,9604th Place – $612,440Fifth Place – $447,0806th Place – $326,3707th Place – $238,2508th Place – $173,920

Felipe Ketzer is a Brazilian player at the $2,650...

Compete against your friends in GGPoker’s Prop Bet Bankroll Challenge

Compete against your friends in GGPoker's Prop Bet...

Fun is guaranteed at the GGPoker tables. With its innovative item betting tools, the world’s largest site brings competition between players and friends to the table.

In Last Longer, whoever goes the farthest in the tournament wins the side bet. The recently launched funding challenge will pay off in the long run. In this function, it is possible to set the period of time in which participants must accumulate predetermined funds.

For example, a player decides to bet $10 on an item, set a cap of $100 in 15 days, and bet with two friends not to complete the challenge. In this case, the player chooses the size of the bet, and his opponent can challenge him to a challenge to lose.

If the goal is not met, all funds deposited by the host in the challenge remain with the bettor along with the amount you paid. Now, if he achieves his stated goal, he will receive the money from his competitors along with his own initial deposit.

This is a disrespectful way to get an “x1” from a friend who keeps saying it’s “x1”. He is better than you.

New prop betting options are already in development to provide more challenges that emphasize healthy competition and the fun of poker.

Compete against your friends in GGPoker's Prop Bet...

Nacho Barbero has surpassed $10 million in real-time earnings

Nacho Barbero has surpassed $10 million in real-ti...

Argentina Nacho Barbero became the first Latin American player to earn over $10 million in real time, setting a new record for his successful career. They are followed by Farid Jattin 🇨🇴 ($7.4 million), Ivan Luca 🇦🇷 ($6.5 million) and Yuri Dzivielevski 🇧🇷 ($5.5 million).

Jose Ignacio is having the best year of his career with $26 in cash, 13 final tables, 3 runners-up and 3 Winner, $4.6 million. Only 10 players have won more than the Argentine this year.

Here are the top 10 results of Nacho’s career:


Players Championship u$s 25,0001 , 0144°u$s 1.5M2010 Hao Away EPT London £20,50077🏆u$s 870K2023 Event #2 Triton Vietnam u$s 15,000172🏆u$s 600K2022 Event #67 WSOP 2022u$s 7,000419🏆u$s 587K20 23Event #8 Triton Vietnamu $s 25.00094🥈 u$s 460K2023Event #3 Triton Cyprusu$s 30.000155🥈u$s 366K2010 Main Event LAPT Punta del Esteu$s 3.700307🏆u$s 279K2010 Main Event LAPT Limau$s 2.70 03 84 🏆 250K2023 Aria High Roller #1 1u $s 10.100130🏆 u$s 235K2023Event #3 PGT PLO Seriesu$s 10.000130🏆u$s 234K.

Nacho Barbero has surpassed $10 million in real-ti...

Bin Weng Wins First WPT® EveryOne One Drop Award

Bin Weng Hopes to Win $2,227,054 in WPT® EveryOne...

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (July 14, 2023) – Bin Weng has won the inaugural World Poker Tour® tournament at the Wynn in Las Vegas in association with the One Drop Foundation. Weng defeated WPT DeepStacks champion Scott Baumstein on Friday night for the top prize of $2,227,054.

“At the end of Day 3 yesterday, I was the other chip leader with 6 chips left at the final table. To be honest, I didn’t sleep well last night because I was so excited ” Weng said when presenting the awards to the winners. “I don’t know what to say right now. I mean I’m very, very happy and right now I’m very grateful to have achieved so much in such a short period of time.”

The $10,500 buy-in attracted a total of 1,676 participants across three departure flights. Generated a total of $16,257,200 in prize pools, with cash distributed to the top 210 winners and raised $335,200 for the One Drop Foundation to support their cause of sustainable access to clean water and sanitation to ensure Facilities and Sanitation in a Community Facing Extreme Weather

When the field was reduced to three, the players negotiated an ICM agreement to double the remaining prize money while continuing to compete Titles, trophies and nearly $400,000 in prize money. The ultimate champion. Baumstein was second for $1,503,988 and Niko Koop was third for $1,872,438. Ahead of them are Freddy Heller (4th – $956,000), WPT Champion Dominik Nitsche 🇩🇪 (5th – $700,100) and Tom Cannuli (6th – $524,500).

Bin Weng Hopes to Win $2,227,054 in WPT® EveryOne...

Smith vs. Kabrhel: WSOP’s First Controversy

Smith vs. Kabrhel: WSOP's First Controversy

The World Series of Poker continues with the hunt for the event champion two weeks after the roster and deals are announced. The first controversy has already unfolded. The combination of big stakes tournaments and allegations of cheating created an explosive cocktail that exploded in Event #40: US$250,000 Super High Roller NLHE, won by Chris Brewer.

The climax comes when Dan Smith Respond with A Q to Martin Kabrhel bet 1.7 million remaining 5.7 million, effective from 10 6. In the end, the Czechs won six and reacted after the Americans retired.

Dan Smith (@DanSmithHolla) had some good words for Martin Kabrhel (@martinkabrhell). After he withdrew from the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl.

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 19, 2023.

“Good luck to most of you. I hope you get fired,” Smith said, pointing to Cabrel.

“What does that mean?” replied the defendant.

“Prohibition,” Smith clarified.

“Why?” Kabul asked.

“Your escapades are the worst I’ve ever seen. Everyone else is a great player,” scolded the man in the cowboy hat.

“Someone has to be worse,” Kabul argued, marking the end of the conversation.

His withdrawal later allowed Smith PokerGo to progress. “Martin’s antics are worse than anyone I’ve ever played. People speculate about it… There’s a lot of debate about whether or not he marks cards. Whether that’s true or not, playing with him is Very uncomfortable. He was rude. He took the full 30 seconds each time. Played with him last night and something felt off. I’m not sure, but I think it’s ridiculous that he was allowed to play.”

What the surroundings say about Kabrhel

quickly has reactions and pictures, one of which shows Kabrhel tearing cards with his fingernails.

Martin Kabrhel destroyed the map. Switch decks @WSOP

— Hugo Lemaire (@HHHUGINHO) June 19, 2023

Andrew Robl commented: “Why isn’t Martin Kabrhel banned from the WSOP? He doesn’t make every tournament against any It’s fun for people, and more importantly.” In every tournament I’ve played with him, I’ve seen him mark the cards. “

Brian Rast Continuing the post: “When I When I saw him the next day, he was just looking at a map, playing superficially. Bad hands and crazy bluffs that work every time the opponent is weak. “No hard evidence, but it does look interesting.

I’m amazed more and more people aren’t covering their cards.”

Brewer won the bracelet without a doubt.

Hayley Hannah Reply Said: “Dan is 100% correct. Martin should be banned. He has been flagged as a cheat card in the past and everyone in the high risk community knows that. Also, Martin’s rude, constant yelling in people’s ears making the experience uncomfortable by calling, taking his time when he knew he was going to fold, and standing next to people “checking their chips” when he knew he was going to fold.

Smith vs. Kabrhel: WSOP's First Controversy

Discover the best welcome bonuses in online games

Discover the best welcome bonuses in online games

Welcome bonuses are a great incentive to play new games online. There are so many different sites, all with their own unique rewards, that it can be difficult to know where the best place to look for these incentives. So, find out the most important information about the best welcome bonuses offered by the most popular online casinos on the web. Here you will find everything you need to know.What is the Welcome Bonus? The Casino Welcome Bonus is a special offer for new players. These bonuses can be in the form of cash, spins or a combination of both. The goal is to encourage players to try casino games and eventually make a deposit to keep playing. These bonuses are also known as “signup bonuses” or “signup bonuses”. These often come with wagering requirements, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions before accepting any offer. Discover the Best Bonuses for Online Casino GamesHere are some of the best welcome bonuses for online casino games: 1. Deposit bonuses. This is the most common type of bonus offered by the site. When you make your first deposit, the platform will provide you with a certain amount of funds. 2. No deposit bonus. These are usually offered to new players signing up for the first time. You will receive a small amount of money so you can try the game without making an initial deposit. 3. Free spins bonus. These are usually offered to new players signing up for the first time, but can also be used to re-engage with old customers. Usually, the site will give you a certain number of free spins on your favorite games, so you can try them out without obligation.Benefits of offering rewards to new playersNew player rewards are a great way to encourage players to try new games. Given the growth of online gaming users, these prizes are used to reward players for signing up and even encourage them to keep playing. Prizes range from small cash prizes to big deals like discounts on future purchases or even exclusive merchandise. By offering prizes and rewards, players are more motivated to keep playing. This means they spend more time on the site and are more likely to recommend it to other friends.

Discover the best welcome bonuses in online games

Explosive? These are the Americas Room cash games

Explosive? These are the Americas Room cash games

No matter what happens in the tournament, Americas Cardroom always has its cash game players on its mind. That’s why it always adds a little spice to every game.

Bomb canisters continue to be introduced in North America, adding more powder to the tables they bombard.

What’s going on here? Cash game players typically play at the table, regardless of rank, until a bomb explodes at the table before the cards are dealt.

For example, there, all players who post two blinds are dealt and see a flop. From there, the action will continue as usual, but with everyone fighting for the big pots that have been created.

These tables are marked with a bomb symbol in the American Room for easy identification. The 6-Max explodes 4 bombs per hour and the 9-Max 4 bombs per hour. Of course, Blitz Poker and limited tables (with bankroll restrictions) do not participate.

Explosive? These are the Americas Room cash games

Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Wipes

Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Wipes

Our grinder participated in many competitions in the last competition. Although the output is not high, there are also some players who have used their time to achieve some good results.

For example ball9 Ball by Miguel Miguel

Won the Hot 22 PKO and earned $1,429. The same thing happened with the gavao997 grinder that sold for $11 The price is 2,520 USD KRW for 11 mini daily cooldowns.

In return, Morapez took Second place Bounty Hunter Deepstack Turbo $54 for a total of $1,980. There is also the AC86 grinder which comes with

Bounty Builder 16.50 Second place is for $1,700. Finally, Eduardo eduardo eduardo9315 Villegasin event #13 Finish fourth in one of the 50/50 series and take home $2,406

Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Wipes

WSOP 2023: Giuseppe Calio wins Best Argentine in Event 26

WSOP 2023: Giuseppe Calio is the No. 1 Argentinian...

Giuseppe Calio is the furthest Argentine in Event #26 of the WSOP 2023, with seven Argentine representatives in the cash position.

Event #26 was a No Limit Hold’em deepstack event with 4,747 entries worth $800 and a prize pool of $3,341,888 (USD equivalent) . The top 711 players cashed out their winnings.

These are the Argentines who cashed in:

— CHECK CHECK CHECK (@grupocheckcheckcheck) June 12, 2023

The best Latino was Adrián Troya 🇵🇦, who finished 11th and won $30,253.

More news from #WSOP2023:

  • Schedule
  • Ezequiel Vialaret 81st in Event #4
  • Nacho Barbero Finishes 14th in Event #5
  • Latinos Cash in Event #3 Mystery Millions
  • History Steven Thompson4th in Event 3
  • Ezequiel Vialaret, Hugo Nazar & Mario Lopez Cashed in Event #11
  • Maximiliano Gallardo Finished 30th in Event #12
  • See all in Event #18 Gladiator Argentinian Winner
  • Andrés KornRace 19 2nd
  • Nacho BarberoRace 25 24th


WSOP 2023: Giuseppe Calio is the No. 1 Argentinian...

wmx-tn6qbwL Wins Monday High Roller at Winamax

wmx-tn6qbwL Wins Monday High Roller at Winamax

The Regular Championship and Mini WSOP events were in the spotlight for Winamax .fres yesterday.

Monday, 23Five-Digit Grand Prize Tournaments in France with prize money 550,000€awarded prize.

4 races brought the winners prize money worth more than 6,000 euros.

In terms of prize pool, fivetournaments exceed30,000 eurosJackpot:

  • Battle Royale (€39,000).
  • After hours (€36,000).
  • Mystery KO 10 ( €35,000).
  • Golden Hour () (€55,000).
  • HighRoller (€36,000).

Here are Montag‘s best results:

  1. SGG9 (€20 for tea time. Prize pool: €2,799.72. Entry Number of people: 1,318. Prize pool: €23,724).
  2. LendiaDbisca (Gladiator 50 euros. Prize money: 3,405.91 euros. Number of entries: 449. Prize pool: 20,205 euros).
  3. La Massage (mysterious KO. Prize money: 3,502.29 euros. Entry Number of people: 1,559. Prize pool: €28,062).
  4. We Negro 13 (Mystery KO. Bonus: €6,404.37. Number of rounds: 62. Prize pool: €14,322.
  5. AQuelleHeure (Monster Stack €10 (18:30). Prize pool: €2,583.18. Number of games: 1,636. Prize pool: €14,724).
  6. Paire2Tong (Guerrilla 5. Prize money: €1,681.04. Number of participants: 3,275. Prize pool: €14,737).
  7. LUCA BRASII (Mystery KO. Prize money: €4,295.55. Number of entries: 645. Prize pool: €29,025).
  8. khopkhunkrap (Battle Royale €200. Prize money: €8,392.27. Number of entries: 216. Prize pool: €39,744).
  9. Samapiker (Mystery KO. Prize money: €1,312.97. Number of entries: 3,076. Prize pool: €13,842).
  10. Bonnie Tyler (Nitro €20. Price: 1,966.80 EUR. Number of entries: 676. Prize pool: EUR 12,168.
  11. CruzSCM (La Fievre €10. Prize money: EUR 2,987.68. Number of participants: EUR 1,909. Prize pool: EUR 17,181).
  12. li>GreenChip (after hours 20 euros. Prize money: 3,421.60 euros. Number of entries: 2,008. Prize pool: 36,144 euros).
  13. DjorAKoff (mysterious KO. Prize money: 3,574.93 euros. Number of entries: 3,968. Prize pool : €35,712).
  14. fishshark20 (Primetime 50. Bonus: €8,270.07. Number of entries: 1,243. Prize pool: €55,935).
  15. Legende893 (Pour la Daronne €5. Bonus : 2,195 €.07. Number of entries: 4,707. Prize pool: 21,181 euros.
  16. wmx-tn6qbwL (High Roller 250 euros. Prize money: 9,259.30 euros. Number of entries: 159. Prize pool: 36,888 euros).
  17. Bearmoney (20 euros for pinball. Prize money: 2,550.15 euros. Number of entries: 962. Prize pool: 17,316 euros).
  18. Hbadger (Top 50. Prize money: 3,010.92 euros. Number of participants: 300. Prize pool: €13,500).
  19. wmx.fr982751 (Ninja 10. Prize money: £2,435.33. Number of entries: 2,345. Prize pool: £21,105).
  20. H.BECQUEREL (Rush Hour €50. Prize money: €3,408.14. Number of entries: 413. Prize pool: €18,585).
  21. ptite_diag (Mystery KO. Prize money: €2,504.24. Number of entries: 2,675. Prize pool: €24,075).
  22. TonPereEnShl (nightclub) 10. Price: 2,105.37 euros. Number of games played: 1,837. Prize pool: €16,533).
  23. KeepFaithBro (Mini WSOP prize money for 29th place: €4,721.13. Number of entries: 1,943. Prize pool: €26,230).
  24. PS0DE (Mini WSOP 30th prize: € 1,041.17 Number of rounds: 340. Prize pool: € 4,590).

A new day of regular tournaments awaits us today, including a mini WSOP event.

Responsible Gambling . Online poker rooms have various systems in place to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

wmx-tn6qbwL Wins Monday High Roller at Winamax

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