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CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters February 8-12

CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters February 8-12

CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters is a great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful provinces in Argentina. This 5-day poker festival features 4 tournaments and begins on Thursday, February 8th.

The first event will be the High Roller, with a buy-in of $400, with re-entry available for $200. On Friday, it’s the Main Event, with a buy-in of $100,000 for 30,000 points and an additional $100,000. Earn 60 points. The main tournament will have two flights, day one, A and B.

Sunday and Monday are reserved for Second Chance ($70,000 buy-in) and Mystery Bounty ($100,000 buy-in) respectively.

Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity to visit the province and stay at the Catamarca Hotel and Casino and enjoy the pools, food, weather and poker tournaments.

About Hotel Casino:

Located in San Fernando, Catamarca Valley, this concept makes your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, which is why so many guests choose it every year its reasons.

Ideal location close to most of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca’s attractions, such as the Casa de Gobierno (Government Building) 500 meters away and the Oasi di Antofalla 2 kilometers away. An excellent destination for tourists.

The guest rooms provide facilities such as air conditioning, and guests can use the hotel’s free WiFi to stay connected with the outside world. The complex also has a jacuzzi, a bar and an excellent swimming pool for enjoying Catamarca’s summer.

CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters February 8-12

Anthony Zinno accused of stealing $19,000 from another player’s backpack

Anthony Zinno accused of stealing $19,000 from ano...

Multiple WSOP and WPT champion pro Anthony Zinno is accused of stealing $19,000 from another player’s backpack.

According to Corel Theuma, he left his backpack containing $20,000 under his chair after amassing a massive stack on Day 1B of the WPT World Championship.

He remembered the bag as he got into the cab and headed back to the Wynn Casino. The dealer hadn’t left the table yet, but he said he didn’t see the backpack. Theuma then contacted casino security, who began investigating the case.

The bag was found the next day, but it contained only $1,000. Theuma told PokerNews that Wynn’s investigation revealed that Zinno was the bag thief, leading him to file a complaint against the famous pro.

Theuma also shared a screenshot. It can be seen that Zinno contacted him the same day, but Zinno himself deleted the messages before Theuma could see their contents.

Anthony Zinno accused of stealing $19,000 from ano...

zorrAAKKKoooo leads Red in regular PokerStars MTT tournament

zorrAAKKKoooo leads Red in regular PokerStars MTT...

Yesterday was a quiet day for PokerStars. With the Winter Series over and the upcoming MicroMillions Series yet to begin, the regular MTT was the main highlight of the day. There were seven prizes over €10,000, one of which ended in victory for the Spaniard, namely zorrAAKKKoooo.

zorrAAKKKoooo’s top Spanish win of the day

zorrAAKKKoooo won the €10,000 Bounty Night and pocketed €2,180.97. The tournament has 1,799 entries and a prize pool of €17,500.

Spanish daily winners of multi-table tournaments

La Roja have a total of 17 MTTwins. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “ifrasan” (PKO €10).
  2. “fer 1715” (PKO €5).
  3. “BongsBongos” (SuperStack €5).
  4. “Manumontyf1” (Ultra KO €20).
  5. ‘Adrigallina’ (Ultra KO £10).
  6. “kalynkya” (SuperStack 5 euros).
  7. “miguelr95” (SuperStack 1€).
  8. “sergiocc_92” (SuperStack 5€).
  9. “sergiocc_92” (SuperStack 5€).
  10. “sergiocc_92” (SuperStack 5€).
  11. “HavryluKK” (SuperStack €10).
  12. “El Pacient77” (8 games for €20).
  13. “zorrAAKKKoooo” (Bounty Night €10).
  14. “Marchal11” (Bounty Generator €5).
  15. “yenemmmm” (bounty generator €50).
  16. “yembajgona” (mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).* “yembajgona” (mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).
  17. “el Leon Guara” (Bounty Generator €10). *”jaro521″ (Mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5) .
  18. “jaro521” (PKO €5).
  19. “ARMANIAK69” (Hold’em NL €1).

The Spaniard has won the 4Doubles and HU BALANCE VERY POSITIVE For our team: 131st vs. 9Second place.

5-digit pot tournament results

  1. Ibaka17 (Mini Thunder €10. Prize: €2,442.44. Number of entries: 2,467. Prize pool: €22,203. Country: Ukraine).
  2. gui .hriimbano (Thunder £50. Prize pool: €3,140.58. Venue: 471. Prize pool: €21,195. Country: Brazil).
  3. Drunk_Master0 (Bounty generator €10. Prize pool: €1,210.33. Field: 1,043. Prize pool: €10,000. Country: Ukraine).
  4. dodzlimp (Storm £20. Prize pool: €2,768.20. Field: €1,155. Field: 1,155. Prize pool: €20,790. Country: France).
  5. Htomé (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €2,241.90. Number of entries: 190. Prize pool: €10,000. Country: Portugal).
  6. zorrAAKKKoooo (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €2,180.97. Number of Entrants: 1,799. Prize Pool: €17,500. Country: Spain).
  7. kkali530 (Night of Stars PKO €100. Prize pool: €6,880.88. Number of participants: 388. Number of entries: 388. Prize pool: €40,000. Country: Portugal).

zorrAAKKKoooo leads Red in regular PokerStars MTT...

Which industrial sectors will experience a growth boom?

Which industrial sectors will experience a growth...

The global gaming and gambling market has continued to boom since the pandemic, and a recent study found that specific segments of the industry are also experiencing significant expansion. The casino gaming equipment market is expected to reach $18.5 billion by 2030, according to a report from Straits Research.

The article states that the industry was worth $11.6 billion in 2021, which means gaming devices are expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.3% between 2022 and 2030. Simply put, the growing demand for casino games is driving the demand for more gaming devices.

“The growth of the casino industry may be attributed to the changes brought about by technological advancements in the modern world,” the study said. “Regulated casinos open new markets and generate record revenues as casino-related activities are legal in many countries around the world.”

The study was widely used Gaming equipment is not limited to traditional gaming tables, slot machines, cards, and dice found in casinos, but also includes casino-style gaming equipment that can even be found in shopping malls and other entertainment venues.

Distributed to more and more parts of the world, the demand for equipment is greater than ever. This includes significant growth in North American and European markets. Data Underpinning the Industry

The North American gaming industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% through 2030, Straits found. For Europe, the study predicts higher growth at 5.8% over the same period, although online gaming is a key factor. However, these are not the only areas expected to see significant growth in the coming years.

“Increases in consumer disposable income, especially in developing countries, have had a growth impact on the casino industry.” Study Notes. “There has been a significant increase in the number of consumers visiting casinos recently. As a result, the number of casino facilities has increased and the demand for equipment is high.”

The American perspective is consistent with the American Gaming Association ( The AGA’s recent estimates for the overall U.S. industry outlook are consistent with soil. In October,AGA released the organization’s annual report on the industryestimating the economic impact of gambling and casinos at $328.6 billion , including the creation of 1.8 million jobs; $104 billion in wages and salaries; and $52.7 billion in tax revenue for federal, state and local governments.

Which industrial sectors will experience a growth...

Grinder Report: The full effect of the virtual wipe

Grinder Report: The full effect of the virtual wip...

Like every day of his life, our grinder logged in and started looking for good deals. Ultimately, that’s what he achieved.

Results in the $77 LUCKY SEVENS Superstack TurboJulio Chia (cover photo). Finished third and won $7,433. Also making the final table of the tournament was TOY LOCAZO, who finished in sixth place and earned $2,813. He also finished third in the$64.50 Snowy SUPER SIXand earned $5,255.

He finished third in the $21.60 Bounty Hunter Winter Games Androidpro69 earned $7,264. In the same spot, but from Bounty Hunter Deepstack Turbo $32.10 $15K GTd is Satoru Gojo, who pocketed $1,368. In the traditional version of the tournament, Enrique kikeeS Silvero finished fourth for $1,159.

Other awards from our facility:

  • xerox801:New Year Series 69-M 5th place ($5,168).
  • Luis TaWebon Figallo: Bounty Hunter Special Prize $150 ($3,373) Third Place
  • DaKing : Bounty Hunter Special Prize 3rd Placestrong>Daily Special $50 ($1,913)
  • IvanMasterX: $27 each 4th Place in Daily Knockout ($1,885)
  • MDJoe: 3rd Place in Bounty Builder 109 ($1,869)
  • demadera: 4th place $54 in Bounty Hunters Deepstack Turbo Turbo ($1,323)

Grinder Report: The full effect of the virtual wip...

Nello Neto crava o $215 Bounty Hunter Sunday Winter Games

Nello Neto is looking for $215 Bounty Hunter Sunda...

Nello Neto had an unforgettable Sunday. The Sao Paulo pro won the $215 Bounty Hunter Sunday Winter Event on GGPoker, earning $45,242 in addition to regular bonuses and bounties in a tournament that had 2,621 entrants.

Mit Nello’s heads-up advantage was about 4/1, and he didn’t even break a sweat when the Canadian nicknamed “kozicky” went all-in. The Brazilian called and saw his opponent raise. By the time the flop came, the party had already begun. Completed the board, awarding the title to the player from São Paulo.

View the final table:

1 – Nello Neto (Brazil) – $45,242

2 – “kozicky” (Canada) – US$33,769

3 – “Howonderful” (Moldova) ) – $22,827

4 – Filipe Monteiro (Brazil) – $14,625

5 – Vlad Patoma (Ukraine) – $10,190

5 – Vlad Patoma (Ukraine) – $10,190 p>

6 – “Patrick Leopard” (Brazil) – $7,202

7 – “Mr Johnny88” (Romania) – $4,819

8 – “reallyeasy” (Poland) – $4,623

9 – Yegor Zarev (Ukraine) – $4,837

In the GGMasters $150, the Brazilian had an even better showing. Luciano Hollanda placed fourth out of 4,236 entrants and won a handsome prize of $27,573; Bruno Bernardino, a Portuguese living in Brazil, won the competition and took home a prize of $65,390.

Nello Neto is looking for $215 Bounty Hunter Sunda...

Poker After Dark: The Gold Game, Episode 8

Poker After Dark: The Gold Game, Episode 8

GGpoker is attracting attention with its latest audiovisual product, PAD: The Gold Game. This is a competition of reality show characters in which 16 players of various international statusare put through various poker-based tests.

These tests allow them to increase their bets to increase the count, and in the final phase these coins (there are 20 at the beginning) will be converted into chips and added to their stacks. You will participate in these tests, which are also elimination tests, until there is only one Winner left, who will receive a prize of $456,000.

In the fifth episode we learned about the content and rules of the second game, which was a strange HU form. This time, the four members of the Spades team who performed best in the first game will serve as captains, and each will select two partners to form four teams again to compete.

Each team competes against each other and elects two representatives, who serves as the king of the table. The winner gets 30 coins and stays in the game, so it continues to rotate until the team runs out of players.

The requirements for teamwork, as well as the need to increase individual gold account numbers that became the big blind in the final round, led to the first fierce battles among the participants.

In today’s chapter, the direct qualification battle for the fourth event begins. This victory lap will feature a protagonist who has already stood out in previous shows. Will there be a situation where your teammates will doubt your chances of winning 90 coins in one go, even if it means qualifying for the finals?

Poker After Dark: The Gold Game, Episode 8

The final BDPO competition on Bodog is underway.

The final BDPO competition on Bodog is underway.

The Black Diamond Poker Open has entered its final week. However, there are still some wonderful activities waiting for you. Read this article to learn more about it.

Bodog’s BDPO competition is coming to an end.

Thanks to everyone at Bodog planning for the Black Diamond Poker Open, March doesn’t seem that long. As the month comes to an end, so does the series, and they say goodbye near the main entrance.

Seven events are scheduled for today, including Der The No. 141 which takes home the grand prize of $112,000. The other event has a total prize pool of $50,000.

Bodog opens in the afternoon and will be in full swing, but there will be activity from early morning to late at night.

The final BDPO competition on Bodog is underway.

Ezequiel Waigel takes historic sixth place at EPT Barcelona

Ezequiel Waigel takes historic sixth place at EPT...

Ezequiel Waigel became the farthest Argentinian player in the European Poker Tour (EPT) Main Event on Sunday, September 3, when he was one of the finalists in the Barcelona leg. The second largest event set an EPT record with 2,120 bets at €5,300 each and a pot of €10.2 million.

The Argentinian entered the final table with the second-smallest stack of the six finalists and decided to go all-in preflop against Joao Sydenstricker’s raise with A-K. Compared with the previous game, he had fewer chips, with a chip count of -7, and was eventually eliminated in sixth place. As a result of his deep run, Ezequiel won the second-largest prize of his career: €302,500 ($326,582).

This was Waigel’s first final table of the year and he had 13 prizes (eight of which were included). Las Vegas), with a profit of $417,905. With this achievement, he increased his live tournament earnings to $1.9 million and climbed to ninth place on Argentina’s all-time money list.

Photo: Manuel Kovsca for Poker News

This is what he thinks EPT Final Table Barcelona The prize money for the 2023 season has been determined:

*Third Hand Trade

You can view all wins from the tournament in this link player.

6 Finalists/Photos: Poker News More Barcelona 2023 News:

  • Matias Tagliani’s deep run and Federico Roberto In the CEP Main Event
  • Matias Scaffo, Alan Ferraro and Matias Tagliani CEP High Roller Finalists
  • Ezequiel Waigel ITM in EPT Event #3
  • Mathías Duarte Event Winner EPT Rank 5
  • Alejandro Lopez Ikwat Wins EPT Event #7
  • Fabian Ortiz and Andres Korn EPT Event #10 Finalists
  • Nacho Barbero 4th place in EPT 25K High Roller
  • Jeremías Mendoza and Alan Ferraro Performing well in the ESPT Main Event
  • Giuseppe Calio is the best Argentinian player in the ESPT High Roller
  • Matias Chervin Is the best Latino at EPT Second Chance
  • ITM Latino at EPT Main Event Day 3
  • EPT Mystery Bounty Latino Cashes in EPT Main Event Day 3
  • Roberto SagueraFinished 2nd in EPT Event #40
  • Rodrigo CañasEPT Event Champion# 47
  • Maria Lampropulos 2nd place in EPT Women’s event

Ezequiel Waigel takes historic sixth place at EPT...

The Descartes Poker Bankroll Challenge was a complete success.

The Descartes Poker Bankroll Challenge was a compl...

Trainer Poker has ended He plays the regular table “.es” at micro and medium stakes levels.

The purpose of the competition is to force him to take a stance, evaluate the metagame and make the necessary adjustments to his teaching techniques to maximize his performance in more expensive situations every day The success rate of tried strategies at the table.

This awesome animation sums up everything that can be said about these months.

Finalization and implementation of the funding challenge!

This is a breakdown!

DescartesPoker March 2, 2023 @DescartesPoker

Including moments of ecstasy, Descartes Poker must carefully consider and implement a series of compromises. The film shows every step of the journey, from the first meeting to the final conclusion at the table, with trainers and estofamentes describing what they learned during the funding challenge.

Some of the topics discussed in the final presentation were the need for selection tables and What to do with forms you don’t have They know how to get started and how effective GTO is at a low level.

The lecturer conducted an unsuccessful experiment. It’s time to share this knowledge with the next generation.

The Descartes Poker Bankroll Challenge was a compl...

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