A broken KK in the SM puts an end to Paulo Brombim’s dreams.

The 2023 Anniversary Sunday Million entered the list of major tournaments won by a Brazilian player with Ricardo Nagatomo’s victory. He now ranks ninth on the online top prize list. But the story could have been different in the competition, and the one who can regret it is Paulo Brombim.

The professional, who in recent years has shone with many high prize pools, was one of the finalists in the huge tournament and was fighting for the $1 million at stake. With seven players remaining, Brombim was the short stack of the tournament and needed to double up to keep the seven-figure hit dream alive.

Coincidentally, Ricardo Nagatomo was on his right, and it was exactly one hand against the future champion that ended “paulinhoo00’s” participation in the tournament. With a bad beat that was hard to digest. In the blinds 2,000,000 / 4,000,000, Brombim had 27,288,448 chips, just under 7 blinds.

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In the small blind, he saw Nagatomo make the mini raise and had no choice but to send all his chips to the center, in a spot that could earn him a position in the table, and at the same time make him lean against the stack of the other players. Ricardo, in turn, called in order to eliminate his strong rival.

At the showdown, Brombim was well ahead with his , while Nagatomo held. The famous 70/30, however, tilted to the side that was not favored. On the flop, an A came up and the rest of the board did not change the course of play, with the table showing . Thus, the bad beat caused the elimination of Paulo Brombim and gave valuable chips to the future champion.

In the post-title talk, Ricardo remembered that, in some of the decisive moments, the deck was on his side. He made great use of the chips and walked away with the gigantic prize of $1,000,000. “Paulinhoo00” came in seventh and received $137,450.

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